A few of the projects I've been working on recently. Check back in for more updates as I go!


Nightmare Ink

Professional curse magnet Wayne is doomed to live forever and watch everyone he loves suffer lethal accidents—including his daughter. Until he snags a contract offering one genuine miracle—for a price. He has two days in Las Vegas to ensure the witch-girl who’s dreamt up a new breed of nightmares never wakes. Trouble is, he’s not the only one after her, and damned if she doesn’t remind him of his daughter.


Prosperity's Shadow

Vicar, an enforcer in a world where magic is used to control the populace, struggles with the weight of his job. After a terrible discovery he's forced to make a difficult decision between security for his family and nation, and the weight of his own conscience.


Rising Ash (WIP)

Work in Progress (2018)